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history - remembrance - oblivion

 the Battle of Tannenberg
 the cult of Marshal Hindenburg
 Hindenburg's funeral
 the history of the appearance of the  monument
 the Tannenberg-Denkmal monument
 a new national symbol
 the ideological nature of the  monument
 the history of the monument
 Stalag IB Hohenstein
 places of remembrance
 traces of memory - trip one
 the cult of memory
 the project
 broken links between memory and  history
 Pierre Nora, Between Memory and  History Les lieux de Memoire  (a fragment)
 a mock-up of the monument
 the location
 the monument dispersed
 the erasure of history
 the present condition - debris

 the archive

A stone via-duct, behind which the Zajazd Mazurski motel has currently been developed on the site of the former Tannenberg-Krug.

Graves of fallen soldiers from the time of the 1st World War in the place of Sudwa, the vicinity of former mausoleum.

Fragments of remaining walls of the monument, probably Tower 6. Photograph from August 2013.

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A fragment of the original wall of then architectural complex of The Tannenberg Denkmal.

A view to a mound on the right, where the monument stood. The road leading to the main entrance no. 1.

Remains of walls found in the area of Tower 3.

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