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 the Battle of Tannenberg
 the cult of Marshal Hindenburg
 Hindenburg's funeral
 the history of the appearance of the  monument
 the Tannenberg-Denkmal monument
 a new national symbol
 the ideological nature of the  monument
 the history of the monument
 Stalag IB Hohenstein
 places of remembrance
 traces of memory - trip one
 the cult of memory
 the project
 broken links between memory and  history
 Pierre Nora, Between Memory and  History Les lieux de Memoire  (a fragment)
 a mock-up of the monument
 the location
 the monument dispersed
 the erasure of history
 the present condition - debris

 the archive

An arch preserved in the place of Tower 5, leading towards the stadium which existed in the early 1930s.

Probably a wall quoin located between Towers 7 and 8, found on the site.

Original bricks from which the monument was made with a visible signature of the brickyard where they were produced. Right-hand side of the photograph features a partial inscription "Cadinen", on the left – fragment of the signature of Kadyny brickyard.

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A fragment of a wall with an arch, currently the largest part of the former monument at the side of Tower 5.

A view of the space once filled by the solid of The Tannenberg Denkmal, from the southern side.

Example of another type of brick produced in Kadyny brickyard, with the whole of signature preserved, denoting the type of industrial ceramics.

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