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history - remembrance - oblivion

 the Battle of Tannenberg
 the cult of Marshal Hindenburg
 Hindenburg's funeral
funeral ceremonies
diary warmiaka
expres zagłębia
 the history of the appearance of the  monument
 the Tannenberg-Denkmal monument
 a new national symbol
 the ideological nature of the  monument
 the history of the monument
 Stalag IB Hohenstein
 places of remembrance
 traces of memory - trip one
 the cult of memory
 the project
 broken links between memory and  history
 Pierre Nora, Between Memory and  History Les lieux de Memoire  (a fragment)
 a mock-up of the monument
 the location
 the monument dispersed
 the erasure of history
 the present condition - debris

 the archive

p. 3, A mass funeral celebration starting with a military parade in front of the German Reichstag in Berlin.

p. 7, A farewell at Neudeck: "Present arms".

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p. 6, Prime Minister Göring walks together with Secretary of State Körner at Neudeck castle (upper photo) and the banners of various regiments...

p. 10, After a night-long journey, the coffin with the Marshal's body arrives in place at 6 o'clock, where an honorary guard saw it off in a cortege.

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