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Tower 8    The Tower of Leaders. The leaders who commanded big independent units in the Tannenberg Battle are honoured here with their busts in bronze:

the main commander of the 8th Army: general of the infantry von Benckendorff and Hindenburg; the chief commander of the headquarters of the 8th Army: general-major von Ludendorff; the commander of the 1st Army Corps: general of the infantry von François; the commander of the appointed reinforced 5the Brigade of the Landwehr: general-lieutenant von Mülmann; the commander of the 1st Division Of Cavalry: general-lieutenant Brecht; the Governor of the Königsberg Stronghold: general-lieutenant von Pappritz; the Commander of the 17th Army Corps: general of Cavalry von Mackensen; the commander the 1st Corps of the Reserve: general- lieutenant Otto von Below; the commander the appointed 6th Mixed Brigade of the Landwehr: general-major Krahmer; the commander of the 20th Army Corps: general of artillery von Scholtz; the commander of the appointed 35th Division of the Reserve, the Main Reserve of the Thorn Stronghold: general-lieutenant von Schmettau; the commander of the 70th Brigade of Landwehr: general-major Breithaupt; the commander the Main Reserve Graudenz: general-major Fritz von Ungern; the commander the 3rd Division of the Reserve: general-lieutenant von Morgen; the commander of 1st Division of Landwehr: general- lieutenant Freiherr von der Boltz.

During the walk around the tower, the route runs beside to the honorary halls in vaulted spaces of the wall between the towers, honorary halls which the regiments fighting in the Battle devoted to their fallen comrades. Their order corresponds with the sequence of the Towers:

Honorary Hall 1: 1st Corpse of Reserve and the 6the mixed Brigade of Landwehr,
Honorary Hall 2: 17th Army Corpse,
Honorary Hall 3: 1st Division of Cavalry, riflemen, snipers, supply columns and strongholds,
Hala honorowa 4/Honorary Hall 5: special cases: aviators, former POWs and others,
Honorary Hall 6: 1st Army Corpse, the reinforced 5th Brigade of Landwehr,
Honorary Hall 7: 20th Army Corpse, 35th Division of the Reserve, 70the mixed Brigade of Landwehr, Main Reserve Graudenz,
Hala honorowa 8: 3rd Division of the Reserve, 1st Division of Landwehr.

Reminder notice:

The Reich Tannenberg Monument is opened daily from 9 to 19 hours (from 15 October to 15 April from 9 to 16). There are no guided tours. Admission is free. The visitors should behave suitably to the serious character of this place. Please, refrain from loud conversation. Smoking, eating and discarding of papers and other rubbish, as well as admitting dogs, and taking photographs of individual people or groups in the Crypt or in front of it is forbidden.

The best survey of the entire terrain and the course of The Tannenberg Battle is facilitated by a 3-D map exposed in a special building in the direct vicinity of the Memorial. A countless number of light bulbs switched-on illustrates plastically the location and movements of armies, enlivening that Great August Event anew.

A 3-D map of Tannenberg is presented daily at the following hours: 9, 10, 11, 11:45, 14, 15, 16 and 16:45. The show lasts ca. 30 minutes.

Admission for adults – 0,50 RM, children below 14 years of age – 0,10 RM. Youth between 14 and 18 years, school pupils and students pay 0,20 RM. The minimum of participants required: 5 adult persons. Groups of more than 15 people receive a 50% discount. Admission tickets are available at the tourist information centre next to the building with the 3-D map. It is possible to arrange for individual shows. More information about the Memorial, visits to the neighbouring cemeteries and the Battle is available from: Travel Bureau in Hohenstein at 1, Marktstraße, tourist information point next to the 3-D map, and official clerks employed at the Memorial. Detailed information on the Memorial, the Battle and the Battlefield is included in "The Tannenberg Guide" available at information points at 1 RM per copy.

The price of this booklet 10 Rpf.

Description of illustrations on p. 6 → A cross-section of Hindenburg's
Tower Description of p. 9. pertains to the photograph on p. 8→ Honorary Guard at the Hindenburg's Crypt.

Sponsor of the Translation:


Translated by Marzena Beata Guzowska         
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A copy of a German booklet with the description of the National The Tannenberg Denkmal, with black-and-white photographs. Printed in the 1930s.

A copy of an admission ticket to the Tannenberg-Nationaldenkmal (size 5,5 x 3 cm) from a private collection of Witold Olbryś. The ticket probably comes from 1934 and simultaneously was a form of financial support for the project of modernisation and refashioning of the memorial on Hitler's initiative after Marshal Hindenburg's death.

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